Spiders (Araneae) as a part of nidicole fauna of dendrophilous birds inhabiting the Carpathian region of Ukraine. - L.I. Meleshchuk, M.M. Fedoriak. - Berkut. 22 (2) 2013. - P. 151-160.
We have investigated 859 nests of 29 open nesting dendrophilous birds species from 38 localities of the Ukrainian Carpathian region. Spiders were found in 632 nests of 27 bird species on all the stages of their nesting. It has been totally registered 3113 spider specimens belonging to not less than 77 species from 22 families. The majority of the spiders are juveniles (89.3%), females – 7.6%, males – 3.1%. The greatest species richness has been found within Linyphiidae and Salticidae. Theridiidae and Clubionidae are characterized by the highest relative abundance. The latter two families mainly use birds’ nests as a shelter during autumn and spring. While for the other widely represented families birds’ nests are used for active feeding with essential trophic base. Web-building spiders prevail by the way of hunting strategy and dendrobiontes by the biotope preferences. Spider assemblages inhabiting nests of the birds on different stages of their nesting cycle differ. Dependence between the spides average abundance and the height of the nests above the ground has been established – the highest index has been found for the nests which are at the height up to 0.5 m. Spider abundance decreases with the increasing of height. We also observed seasonal dependence of birds’ nests spider assemblages structure. The highest spider species richness in the nests of birds was recorded in April – June, and the highest average abundance index – in winter, especially in December, which indicates that spiders intensively use nests for wintering. Regression analysis proves that the number of spider specimens in a nest is influenced by the season of its collecting and the height of a nest, while the stage of nesting cycle has no such an effect. [Ukrainian].
Key words: spiders, nests of birds, nidicole, species richness, abundance.
Address: L.I. Meleshchuk, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, dep. of zoology; P.O. Box 532, Chernivtsi, 58001, Ukraine; e-mail: mel-lyuda@rambler.ru.