Blue-checked Bee Eater (Merops persicus) in Ukraine. - I.V. Zagorodniuk. - Berkut. 22 (1). 2013. - P. 61-64.
A bird was observed near the village of Bile in Lugansk region on 19.08.2013 (48° 31´ N, 39° 01´ E). In total, there are 7 records for Ukraine, reviewed in the article. All the observations in XX–XXI c. fell on the period of post-breeding movements and autumn migrations. There are two main ways of vagrants in Ukraine: along the eastern coast of Black Sea through the Crimea toward western regions and through steppes north from the Caucasus to eastern regions. New taxonomy of the species and its nomenclature are discussed. [Ukrainian].
Key words: fauna, Lugansk region, vagrant, taxonomy.
Address: I.V. Zagorodniuk, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Biogeography «Korsak»; 2 Oboronna str., Luhansk, 91011, Ukraine; e-mail: