Breeding of the Spanish Sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis) in environs of Kuchurgan Liman (SW Ukraine). - A.M. Arkhipov. - Berkut. 21 (1-2). 2012. - P. 206-207.
First case of breeding of this species in Ukraine was registered in Kilia district of Odesa region in 2002. In 2010–2011, breeding localities of sparrows were found in about 100 km to the North. In 2012, we have discovered three pairs of Spanish Sparrows in a nest of the White Stork in valley of Kuchurgan river near the village of Novokrasne [46°49΄ N, 29°59΄ E]. This place is located already in 200 km to the North from the first breeding records of the species in Ukraine. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, distribution, breeding range, expansion.
Address: Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds; Matrosov str. 2, Kuchurgan, Rozdilna district, Odesa region, 67450, Ukraine.