Fauna and communities of birds of sea coasts of western Siberia in the second half of summer. - S.V. Popov. - Berkut. 21 (1-2). 2012. - P. 9-19.
We studied the distribution and abundance of birds on the coasts of the Kara Sea and the south-east part of the Barents Sea during the post-breeding period. Bird censuses were conducted in the south-west part of the Yamal Peninsula, north part of the Gydan Peninsula and on the coast of the Gulf of Ob. Information about 78 bird species according to own and literature data is presented. [Russian].
Key words: Arctic, distribution, number, population density, migration.
Address: SGI Yamal Arctic Research Center; 629730, Nadym, Russia; e-mail: sergey.vlad.popov@gmail.com.