Timing of migrations of the Osprey in Ukraine. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 20 (1-2). 2011. - P. 143-152.
The Osprey is a rare bird species in Ukraine. Only separate breeding sites are known, but during migrations the species occurs in many places of the country. For the analysis of phenology we used literature data and own observations for the period in 48 years: since 1965 till 2012. Mean dates and variation of timing were calculated for separate regions. In majority of observation points spring migration starts during the third ten-day of March and first half of April. Mean dates for regions lie mostly in the first ten-day of April. In some south regions Ospreys can be observed in the first ten-day of March or even at the end of February. It is supposed that these birds wintered in temperate latitudes. The spring migration ends as a rule during third ten-day of April and first half of May. Mean dates lie in late April and first ten-day of May. Summering Ospreys were observed in many regions of Ukraine. The autumn migration starts since the end of July till the second ten-day of September. Mean dates lie in the second half of August and early September. Last migrating Ospreys were observed mainly in September and October, but in some places of south Ukraine birds can stay till November or even December. Mean dates of the last departure fluctuates from third ten-day of September till late October. Variation of timing increases in a series: arrival – end of spring migration – start of autumn migration – last departure. [Russian].
Key words: Osprey, Pandion haliaetus, phenology, first arrival, last departure, variation.
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