A riddle of the Green Woodpecker: how appear hybrids with the Grey Woodpecker? - V.S. Friedmann. - Berkut. - 20 (1-2). 2011. - P. 127-138.
The enigma of Picus viridis is the following. In some years we can occasionally observe mixed pairs of P. viridis and P. canus as well as their hybrids. However all the observed mixed pairs were unsuccessful in reproduction, they were not able to begin it. It is unclear how hybrids generated. We have presented data on the development of courtship in mixed pairs in this article and compared them with conspecific in this article. We have identified ethological mechanisms failures that prevent participants of nonconspecific pairs start egg laing. We consider the workarounds that allow these participants to generate hybrids after the collapse of the pair. [Russian].
Key words: Picus viridis, Picus canus, hybridization, courtship behaviour, pair formation.
Address: V.S. Friedmann, Laboratory of ecology and nature conservation, biological faculty, Moscow university, Leninskiye gory, 1/12, 119992 Moscow, Russia; e-mail: wolf17@list.ru.