About breeding of Great Grey Shrike in the North-East of Ukraine. - N.P. Knysh, V.M. Malyshok, I.A. Bugayev. - Berkut. 20 (1-2). 2011. - P. 120-122.
Three cases of breeding were registered in the northern part of Sumy region during the last years including a nest with 6 fresh eggs near the village of Glazove [52.07 N, 33.28 E] on 26.04.2011. A brood of three flying youngs was found in Chernigiv region near the village of Birine [52.05 N, 33.23 E] on 2.06.2006. Evidences of breeding of the species in the forest part of Sumy region during 1960–1980s are discussed. One breeding site was discovered also in forest-steppe part of the region: a nest with 4 fledglings in flood-plain of the Seym river near the village of Gvintove [51.16 N, 33.40 E] on 25.06.2008. This southernmost find is evidence of expansion of Great Grey Shrike to the south. [Russian].
Key words: Great Grey Shrike, Lanius excubitor, Sumy region, distribution, nest, egg.
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