Recent status of the European Roller in Iran. - A. Khaleghizadeh. - Berkut. 20 (1-2). 2011. - P. 115-119.
European Roller is currently listed as Near Threatened (NT). The status of this species in Iran is unknown. In this paper, more than 100 records of unpublished data were gathered for the period of 1997 to 2008. Two road counts were also conducted, one in August 2008 in Golestan and another in June 2010 from Tehran to southern provinces. Estimated numbers are given for the Iranian provinces which among them Golestan Province had the highest bird numbers in these periods (at least 50 individuals). [English].
Key words: European Roller, Coracias garrulus, distribution, number.
Address: A. Khaleghizadeh, Ornithology Laboratory, Agricultural Zoology Research Department, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Yemen Str., P.O. Box 1454, Tehran 19395, Iran; e-mail: