Black Kite in Mykolayiv region. - K.O. Redinov. - Berkut. 20 (1-2). 2011. - P. 73-80
Mykolayiv region is situated in the south of Ukraine. Black Kite is included in the Red Book of Ukraine. Data about distribution and number of the species in 1900–2011 are analysed. Black Kite was a common and numerous bird species in the first half of XXth cent. Later its number was decreased. The present number is estimated in 60–80 breeding pairs. Ecology of the species was studied in 1991–2011. Kites arrived in March – early April. They nested mainly in artificial afforestations. Egg laying started in late April – early May. Four nests had 3–4 eggs (3,3 ± 0,3). Measurements of eggs: 57,18 ± 0,98 (54,0–59,7) × 44,74 ± 0,52 (42,7–45,6) mm (n = 5). Five broods numbered 1,8 ± 0,2 (1–2) fledglings. They left their nests in early July. Post breeding movements and autumn migration lasted from late July to mid October. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Black Kite, Milvus migrans, South Ukraine, distribution, number, migration, breeding.
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