Birds of Kondara valley (Gissar range, Tajikistan) observed in 1959. - V.V. Leonovich, P.V. Kvartalnov. - Berkut. 19 (1-2). 2010. - P. 183-194.
The article is based on unpublished materials of V.V. Leonovich (1924–1998), who observed birds and collected nests in May – June 1959 at Kondara, Varzob and Gissar valleys (in the vicinity of Dushanbe city). These data provide new information about phenology, breeding biology, distribution and number dynamics of Pamiro-Alay birds. The whole list of birds observed by V.V. Leonovich in Tajikistan in 1959 include 105 species; 42 nests were collected (many of them are now deposited in Russian museums). [Russian].
Key words: fauna, Pamirs, distribution, breeding, ecology, nest.
Address: P.V. Kvartalnov, dep. of vertebrate zoology, biological faculty, Lomonosov Moscow University, Leninskiye gory, 119991, Moscow, Russia; e-mail: