Vagrants of the Hawk Owl on the North-East of Ukraine in autumn 2010. - N.P. Knysh, V.M. Malyshok. -Berkut. 19 (1-2). 2010. - P. 141-143.
Hawk Owl is a very rare irregularly migrating bird species for the fauna of Ukraine. A male of this owl was shot near the village of Dibrovka (52.06 N, 33.35 E) of Shostka district in Sumy region on 23.10.2010. Another bird was observed in the oak forest near the town of Trostyanets (Sumy region, 50.28 N, 34.57 E) on 16.11.2010. These finds allow to suppose about a considerable invasion of Hawk Owls to the South from breeding range in 2010. [Russian].
Key words: Hawk Owl, Surnia ulula, Sumy region, migration, feeding.
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