White Stork in Mykolayiv region. - K.O. Redinov, V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 19 (1-2). 2010. - P. 93-100.
Mykolayiv region is situated in the south of Ukraine. Data about distribution and ecology of the White Stork were collected in 1994–2010. The most intensive study was carried out in 2008–2010. On the grounds of data obtained we have compiled the cadastre of breeding localities of the White Stork in Mykolayiv region in 1994–2010 (Table 2). In total 227 occupied nests were registered. The actual number of the species can be estimated in 200–250 breeding pairs. Breeding of storks on the territory of present Mykolayiv region was known at least since the late XVIII cent. In XIX and early XX cent. the species was common, it bred even near the town of Ochakiv where is absent now. Number of storks in Mykolayiv region essentially decreased during XXth cent. Only in last two decades it began to renew. Comparison of data for the same settlements showed number increasing in 50% during the last 20 years. In spring storks arrive in March and April. The mean date for Mykolaiv region in 1994–2010 was 29.03 (± 1,7 days (SE), n = 46, 6.03–26.04). Timing of the spring arrival remains stable (1975–1993: 29.03 ± 1,2 days, n = 79, 7.03–19.04; Grishchenko et al., 1995). The autumn migration began in August and September, the last birds were observed since late August till early October. Majority of stork nests were located on electric poles. The part of such nests is constantly rising. In 2008–2010 already 70,3% of nests were built on poles. Reproductive parameters of the White Stork in Mykolayiv region on the grounds of observations on monitoring plots in 1994–2010 (± SE, n = 15): average number of fledged youngs per active pair – 2,39 ± 0,11 (1,6–3,0); average number of fledged youngs per successful pair – 2,73 ± 0,09 (2,0–3,2); average part of unsuccessful pairs (%) – 11,9 ± 3,2 (0,0–40,0). [Ukrainian].
Key words: White Stork, Ciconia ciconia, South Ukraine, distribution, number, migration, breeding.
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