Number and habitat distribution of birds in Kungur insular forest-steppe (Perm region). - D.V. Naumkin. - Berkut. 19 (1-2). 2010. - P. 26-38.
The Kungur insular pine-birch forest-steppe is located in the south-east part of Perm region (Russia). It was described as an independent botanical-geographic unit. In contrast to zonal forest-steppes of the European part of Russia it has expressed Siberian traits. Birds of this territory were studied in 1994–1996, 2001–2006 and partially also in 2007–2008. Main material was collected during the breeding season. The overall bird fauna of the Kungur forest-steppe numbers today 226 species from 19 orders. 17 species are included in the Red Book of Russian Federation (2001). 78 species were registered in forest habitats, 62 species – in wetlands, 36 species – in open landscapes, 112 species – in the town of Kungur. Numbers and population densities of birds are presented in Tables. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, bird community, number, population density, similarity.
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