Summer fauna, communities and habitat distribution of birds of Taz – Chaselka nature area (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia). - S.V. Golubev, P.V. Kopylov, A.V. Makarov. - Berkut. 19 (1-2). 2010. - P. 1-25.
The river Taz is one of the largest waterways of Western Siberia northeast, crossing 3 natural zones: taiga, forest-tundra and tundra. By its nature Taz represents a transitional zone from Western Siberia to Middle Siberia. The river Chaselka is a left feeder of Taz, disgorges into it at 555-th km from its mouth. Avifauna of Taz basin is untill now poorly studied. Our researches were spent in the summer 2005 (4.06–11.07) at middle part of Taz current. 10 routes were organized, 9 types of bird’s habitats were researched: burnt-out forest, lowland bogs, large grumous bogs, pine woods, birch light forest, larch-moss forest, lichen light forests with a cedar, light coniferous and small-leaved forest, cedar inundated forest, and 1 type of water habitats. Quantitative accounts of birds were spent from 5.06 till 7.07. Data on number of birds were recalculated for 10 km of a route. The total length of routes has made 273,9 km: the pedestrian routes – 72,5 km, the water routes – 201,4 km. 109 species of birds were registered, breeding was established for 27 species and for 34 ones it is supposed. The surveyed area is remoted from inhabited settlements, it is difficult of access. There were solitary hunters, fishers. They scarcely did damage to rare and vulnerable bird species. [Russian].
Key words: West Siberia, species composition, population density, breeding, nest, egg.
Address: S.V. Golubev, Yaroslavl University, Faculty of Biology and Ecology, Matrosov str. 9, 150049, Yaroslavl, Russia; e-mail: