Patterns of nest location of thrushes of the genus Turdus in transformed landscapes of North-East Ukraine. - A.B. Chaplygina. - Berkut. 18 (1-2). 2009. - P. 135-142.
Data were collected in Kharkiv and Sumy regions in 1993–2008. The most favourable conditions for nesting of the Song Thrush and the Blackbird were found in maple-lime forests (64,1% and 56,8% respectively). The Fieldfare preferred man-made plantations with prevalence of different species of maples (65,0%). The Song Thrush used for nest location 41 plant species, the Blackbird – 31, the Fieldfare – 19. 5 main types of nest fastening were described. The place of nest building and its height above the ground are determined on the one hand by the protectability and degree of disturbance by people and raptors, on the other hand – by the structure and age of vegetation. [Ukrainian].
Key words: thrush, Turdus, ecology, nesting, fastening of nest.
Address: A.B. Chaplygina, Natural Faculty, Kharkiv Pedagogical University, Blucher Str., 2, Kharkiv, 61168, Ukraine; e-mail: