Wagtails in Salkhala Game Reserve, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. - M.N. Awan, A.A. Awan - Berkut. 18 (1-2). 2009. - P. 126-129.
Salkhala Game Reserve falls under Important Bird Area category, an Endemic Bird Area (128) of Western Himalayas. During the survey in 2008 six species of Wagtails (White Wagtail, Grey Wagtail, Yellow-headed Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail, Large Pied Wagtail and Forest Wagtail) were recorded. White Wagtail was found to be the most abundant species from them, Yellow-headed Wagtail had the most broad altitudinal range in the reserve. Collection of timber and firewood, grazing, collection of grasses, vegetables, mushrooms and careless use of pastures as summer residence by the community living around the Salkhala Game Reserve are the major threats to the wildlife. [English].
Key words: wagtail, distribution, abundance, altitudinal range, Important Bird Area.
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