Pygmy Owl in the Left-bank area of Ukraine. - N.P. Knysh, I.A. Bugayev. - Berkut. 18 (1-2). 2009. - P. 69-71.
Pygmy Owl is a very rare breeding (1–2 pairs in the north of Sumy region) and rare irregularly migrating bird species in the Left-bank part of Ukraine. Only three reliable cases of vagrants in the northern part of forest-steppe zone are known from the literature. A male was shot near the town of Buryn (51.12 N, 33.49 E) in Sumy region on 4.12.2008. [Russian].
Key words: Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium passerinum, Sumy region, distribution, vagrant.
Address: N.P. Knysh, Sumy Pedagogical University, Dep. of Zoology, Romenska str. 87, 40002, Sumy, Ukraine.