Peculiarities of breeding biology of the Black-billed Magpie in Kharkiv region. - O.A. Bresgunova. - Berkut. 17 (1-2). - P. 67-78.
The study was carried out on three plots in 2002–2007 (two plots within Kharkiv city and one plot in the flood-plain of Siverskiy Donets river). Magpies build nests since early March till mid April. 13.3% of pairs prefer to repair old nests. Building of new nests lasts from 18 to 30 days, on average 27 days (n = 20). In the city magpies start egg laying 10 days earlier than at Siverskiy Donets river. The full clutch has from 1 to 9 eggs, on average 6.5 (n = 65). Incubation lasts 24 days. Fledging usually lasts about 27–30 days. Hatching is asynchronous and as a results smallest nestlings died because of siblicide. The breeding success of Black-billed Magpies was described and discussed. The breeding pair produced on average 1.6 fledglings, the successfull pair – 3.5. The main cause of nest destruction is predation. The anti-predator behaviour of parents and their offspring is described. [Russian].
Key words: Black-billed Magpie, Pica pica, ecology, nest, egg, breeding success, behaviour.
Address: O.A. Bresgunova, Institute of Biology, V.N. Karasin National Kharkiv University, Svobody sq. 4, Kharkiv, 61077, Ukraine; e-mail: