Factors affecting nest and hatching success of Mallard in Hokersar wetland, Kashmir. - F.A. Ahangar, G.M. Shah, U. Jan, J.A. Wani. - Berkut. 17 (1-2). 2008. - P. 38-40.
41 Mallard nests containing 326 eggs were found during the two year study period (2004–2005) in Hokersar wetland. 17 nests failed completely to hatch. Overall nest success was 58.5%. The various factors responsible for nest failure were the abandonment of nest by the female (17.1% of the nests), flooding (9.8%) and predation (14.6%). 174 eggs hatched successfully. Overall hatching success was 53.4%. The various factors responsible for low hatching success were predation (15.7% of eggs), abandonment of nests by the female (14.1%), flooding (11.0%) and faulty incubation and infertility (5.8%). [English].
Key words: Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos, breeding, nest, egg, predation, abandonment.
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