Breeding, migration dynamic and conservation of Greylag Goose on margins of its Central European population in North-West Serbia. - M. Tucakov. - Berkut. 17 (1-2). 2008. - P. 33-37.
Migration phenology, breeding, and conservation needs of Greylag Goose on Kolut fish farm in NW Serbia have been studied between 1998 and 2004. Spring migration started in early February and was pronounced throughout February and March. Non-breeding adults were almost absent up to late June. In early July mixed flocks of adults and juveniles were observed, and they were occasionally present throughout July, August and September. Autumn migration is poorly pronounced. Seven to twenty pairs of Greylag Goose bred in the fish farm per year. The number of hatchlings per pair was 3.1. Taking the chicks by local people, burning of dry reedbeds and illegal hunting endangered Greylag Goose at the study site. [English].
Key words: Greylag Goose, Anser anser, breeding, migration, conservation, fish farm, Serbia.
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