Rare and protected birds of the Dnieper-Sozh Reservation (Belarus). - A.N. Kusenkov, Z.A. Goroshko, I.A. Shelyakin. - Berkut. 17 (1-2). 2008. - P. 10-12.
The reservation is located in interfluve of rivers Dnieper and Sozh (Gomel region, SE Belarus). It was created on 5.08.1999. The ornithofauna has been studied since 2006. 186 bird species were registered (60,6% of the ornithofauna of Belarus). Data on some of them are presented. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, Gomel region, protected areas, rare species.
Address: A.N. Kusenkov, F. Scorina Gomel State University, Sovetskaya str. 104, 246000, Gomel, Belarus; e-mail: kusenkov@list.ru.