About the ornithogeographic zoning of Perm Prikamye (Russia). - D.V. Naumkin. - Berkut. 17 (1-2). 2008. - P. 1-4.
For Perm region the detailed zoogeographic zoning was carried out for the first time by E.M. Vorontsov (1949). It was used by N.N. Danilov (1960) for ornithogeographic zoning of Ural. He has delimited the Kungur-Krasnoufimsk Plot of Ural-Oka District of Central European Subprovince of Transitional (Forest-Steppe) Province. Its present borders are discussed using actual data on distribution of birds. [Russian].
Key words: zoogeography, Ural, Kama river, border, distribution.
Address: D.V. Naumkin, the Nature Reserve Basegi, Lenin str. 100, Gremyachinsk, Perm region, 618276, Russia; e-mail: zapbasegi@rambler.ru.