About zoogeographic status of lake-sea coasts and islands of medial part of Palaearctic. - A.E. Lugovoy. - Berkut. 16 (2). 2007. - P. 285-287.
In former times lakes and seas on the large area from Black Sea to Baikal were parts of united Sarmat-Pontic inland sea. On islands and coasts of these water-bodies common or close animal species have been formed. This zoocomplex differs from complexes of species in adjacent native zones of steppes, deserts, forest-steppes and taiga. Expediency of separation of special landscape zone of coastal-island territories of medial part of Palaearctic is discussed. Similarly L.S. Berg (1947) has separated the ice zone from tundra. [Russian].
Key words: zoogeography, landscape zone, fauna, species.
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