Forming of urbanised population of Collared Flycatcher in Sumy (NE Ukraine). - G.M. Skvortsova, N.P. Knysh. - Berkut. 16 (2). 2007. - P. 281-283.
During the last decade flycatchers have appeared in urbanised landscape in the city of Sumy. The first case of breeding was registered in 2004. In total 10 nests were found in 2004–2007. Birds nested in parks and on streets. Breeding population counted at least 15 pairs in 2007. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Collared Flycatcher, Ficedula albicollis, breeding, ecology, urbanisation.
Address: G.M. Skvortsova, Suprun str., 3/3, 40004 Sumy, Ukraine.