Roosting behaviour of Rock Pigeons and Ring Doves in Lucknow, India. - A. Mazumdar, P. Kumar. - Berkut. 16 (2). 2007. - P. 278-280.
Roosts of two species were studied in Lucknow and in cultivated areas around the city between April 2004 and April 2005. In city pigeons and doves roosted in buildings, on ledges, terraces of houses and fissures and holes of rocks. In rural areas they preferred branches of trees and sugarcane fields to roost. The Rock Pigeons roosted in flocks and Ring Doves solitarily. Both birds returned to roosts 34 to 60 minutes before sunset except February and March when they returned 27 to 30 minutes. [English].
Key words: behaviour, roost, flock.
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