Anomalous rufous coloration of body plumage of the Garganey – a new aberration. - A.I. Koshelev, I.D. Belashkov. - Berkut. 16 (2). 2007. - P. 270-274.
A young male with anomalous coloration of plumage was shot in Zaporizhzhya region (SE Ukraine) on 28.08.2004. Contour body feathers had pronounced rusty-brown colour. Wing coloration was typical for the species. Detail description of plumage coloration of normal and anomalous birds are given. This is the first case of such chromism for the Garganey. [Russian].
Key words: Garganey, Anas querquedula, morphology, aberration, chromism.
Address: A.I. Koshelev, 2nd Leningrad lane 4/3, Melitopol 72318, Ukraine.