About breeding of Greater Spotted Eagle in Western and Southern Ukraine. - V.C. Dombrovski. - Berkut. 16 (2). 2007. - P. 205-212.
Contemporary breeding records and adult bird registrations during breeding season in Volyn and Rivne regions in 1999–2007 are described. Breeding of Greater Spotted Eagle in south Ukraine was confirmed by the analysis of collection in museum of Inststitut of Zoology RAN (2 adults and 2 nestlings Greater Spotted Eagles were collected in Balta district of Odesa region in July of 1927). [Russian].
Key words: Greater Spotted Eagle, Aquila clanga, Ukraine, distribution, breeding, museum collections.
Adress: V.C. Dombrovski, ul. Akademichnaia 27, Institut of Zoology, 220072, Minsk, Belarus; e-mail: valera@biobel.bas-net.by.