New data on some rare bird species of Taman Peninsula. - R.A. Mnatsekanov, Yu.A. Andryushchenko, M.A. Dinkevich, T.V. Korotkiy. - Berkut. 16 (2). 2007. - P. 177-183.
A part of Taman Peninsula, consisted of a ridge of mud volcanoes (Mount Karabetova, Mount Komendantskaya, Mount Chirkova, Mount Kirpina), was investigated on 21–23.04.2006. The surveyed area covered about 6000 ha in a total. 6 nests and 8 breeding pairs of Demoiselle Cranes were registered. A group of 7 Demoiselle Cranes has been observed flying above Mount Karabetova on 23.04.2006. The Great Bustard has been observed by us in Taman Peninsula twice: 9.05.2005 – a single flying male was registered between Mount Komendantskaya and Mount Chirkova; 28.05.2005 – four flying birds were observed near Mount Chirkova. A displaying male of the Great Bustard was observed on 21.04.2006 to the north-east of Mount Chirkova. Two males were feeding on the slope of Mount Karabetova on 22.04.2006. Two individuals of Stone Curlew have been identified by voice at night on 22.04.2006; these birds were displaying between railway tracks and north-western foot of Mount Karabetova. As a result of the investigation the breeding of Demoiselle Crane in Taman Peninsula has been proved, new data on the Great Bustard and Stone Curlew distribution during their breeding period within the investigated area have been found. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, breeding, distribution, number, nest, egg.
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