Expansion of dark-headed form into the range of typically colored Jay in the Donbas. - I.V. Zagorodniuk, A.S. Reznik. - Berkut. 16 (1). 2007. - P. 103-109.
Data on the records of both typical (light-headed) and dark-headed forms of Jay in East Ukraine are presented, first of all in the territory of Lugansk and North-Eastern part of Donetsk regions. A third of Jay records in this area during last years are concern of dark-headed form. The latter is provisionally identified as belonging to Caucasian subspecies Garrulus glandarius krynicki, nearest finding of which are known in Manych lake complex (Rostov region of Russia). Available data indicate on expansion of Caucasian Jay into the range of subspecies G. g. glandarius as well appearance of morphologically transient forms, that can appears a hybrids of these two forms. [Ukrainian].
Key words: Jay, Garrulus glandarius, East Ukraine, colored forms, distribution, expansion, hybridization.
Address: I.V. Zagorodniuk, Laboratory of animal ecology, Lugansk Pedagogical University, Oboronna str. 2, Lugansk, 91011, Ukraine; e-mail: zoozag@ukr.net.