Owls of Daghestan. - E.V. Vilkov. - Berkut. 16 (1). 2007. - P. 79-86.
A review on the base of literature data, information from respondents (scientists, hunters, fishermen, local residents) and own observations in 1985–2006. Special research of owls in Daghestan was not carried out. In total, 7 species were registered. Snowy Owl is a rare vagrant, 6 species breed in Daghestan. Little and Scops Owls are the most numerous species (number is estimated in 800–1000 and 600–700 breeding pairs respectively). Eagle Owl (80–100), Long-eared Owl (50–60), Short-eared Owl (60–70), Tawny Owl (30–40) are more uncommon. Number of Eagle Owl is decreasing, for Little and Scops Owls trend is positive, populations of Short-eared and Tawny Owls are stable. Number dynamics of Long-eared Owl is not studied. Habitat destruction, illegal shooting, ravage of nests, death on roads are the main threat factors for owls in Daghestan. [Russian].
Key words: Daghestan, owl, distribution, number, breeding, conservation.
Address: E.V. Vilkov, Caspian Institute of Biological Resources, M. Gajiev-str. 45, 367025 Makhachkala, Russia; e-mail: evberkut@mail.ru.