Phenology of the autumn migration of wintering birds in Ukraine. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 15 (1-2). 2006. - P. 176-193.
Timing of the autumn arrival of 10 wintering bird species is analysed. Data were obtained from different sources: phenological questionnaire, literature, own observations, unpublished materials. In total, more than 2,5 thousands phenological dates since 1961 were used. Main part of them refer to 1975–2006. Dates were grouped by administrative regions of Ukraine (Tables 1–10). For Bullfinch and Waxwing phenological maps of the arrival were made (Fig. 1–2). Correlation between times of arrival of several species was found. There are two types of the correlation: chorologic (between average dates in regions) and chronological (annual fluctuations). Migration of Bullfinch and Waxwing pass similarly. The arrival starts non-simultaneously in different regions. Phenological maps of both species have three main migration streams and two large lag areas (Fig. 1–2). Correlation between average dates in regions is very close (r = 0,714, p < 0,001). Some general aspects of bird migrations are discussed. Phenological maps of the arrival confirm migration of birds by the wide front with formation of streams of migrants. [Russian].
Key words: Ukraine, migration, arrival, timing, phenological map, flyway.
Address: V.N. Grishchenko, Kaniv Nature Reserve, 19000 Kaniv, Ukraine; e-mail:

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