Pair formation in the Montagu's Harrier. - Wiacek J. - Berkut. 15 (1-2). 2006. - P. 151-158.
Montagu’s Harrier arrive to nesting territories in eastern Poland in the second decade of April. During the research males were more numerous. The arrival of females was more stretched in the time. The time of pair formation was an average 18 days. Monogamy was the dominating system of pair formation. The females spent more time inside the territory while the males hunted. The males performed 88.8 % of sky-dancing while females only 11.2 %. Flight play as ritualized form of aggression within pair was common behaviour. The males performed 1915 fake attacks on females. During pre-laying period 70 copulations were observed (0.22 copulations per hour of observation). Most of them (84 %) were successfully. [English].
Key words: Poland, Montagu’s Harrier, Circus pygargus, ethology, pair formation.
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