Does the Streaky-headed Seedeater dislocate other canary species? - G. Kopij. - Berkut. 15 (1-2). 2006. - P. 142-144.
Although the Streaky-headed Seedeater occurs all over the Afrotropical Region, it is absent or rare in urbanised areas. Within a few last years, it became however a common breeding resident in the town Roma, Lesotho, southern Africa. It probably greatly benefits from seeds of cedar and pine cones. It appears likely that it successfully eliminated all other canary species from the well-timbered areas of the Roma Valley, where exotic coniferous tree species predominate. Wherever these trees are absent in the Roma Valley, the Cape Canary predominates in bird communities. A similar situation is expected in other regions of its extensive range. [English].
Key words: Streaky-headed Seedeater, Carithagra gularis, Lesotho, population density, competition.
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