Materials on ecology of Honey Buzzard and Black Kite in northern Ukraine. - S.V. Domashevsky. - Berkut. 15 (1-2). 2006. - P. 125-131.
Data were collected in 1988-1989 and 1992-2006 in Kyiv, Zhitomir, Chernigiv regions and in the east part of Rivne region. Honey Buzzard is an unnumerous breeding species. The first birds are usually registered in the beginning of May. The display-flights can be observed in the second half of May – beginning of June. Honey Buzzards prefer deciduous and mixed forests for the nesting. The discovered nests were situated at a height 6-20 m, on average – 12.6 m (n = 6). Some single birds start the autumn migration in the second decade of August. The majority of birds migrates during the second decade of September. Honey Buzzards fly by groups up to 30 individuals, but usually by 4-8 birds in a group. The migration height is from 50 till 300 m, the main directions are south and south-west. The first birds are registered in the beginning of March and in April. At the same time the first Black Kites were met at their breeding territories. The biggest number of migrating birds was registered during the period since middle till end of the first decade of April - 8 individuals. The complete amount of kites registered during spring periods is 14 individuals. Building and repairing of nests were observed during the first and the second decades of April. There are 2-3 eggs in the clutch. The rare case of 5 eggs in a nest was registered. There were on average 2.0 nestlings per 5 nests. Youngs leave nests during the second decade of July. Autumn departure starts in the beginning of the first decade of August. Migrating birds were registered till the second decade of September. In the end of XXth and in the beginning of the XXIst cent. the Black Kite became a rare breeding species in the North of Ukraine. The number still decreases and the species must be protected particularly. [Russian].
Key words: Honey Buzzard, Black Kite, Pernis apivorus, Milvus migrans, northern Ukraine, ecology, breeding, nest, feeding.
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