Observations of a Jackdaw attempting to feed a pigeon fledgling. - T. Hetmanski. - Berkut. 14 (2). 2005. - P. 231-233.
The Jackdaw can be a serious nest predator of Feral Pigeon colonies located in the towers and attics of urban buildings if these areas are easily accessible. Jackdaws were responsible for the destruction of about 6 % of eggs and 18 % of nestlings in one of the five colonies of Feral Pigeon in S³upsk (NW Poland) studied over 1998–2001 years. In 2000, I observed a Jackdaw attempting to feed a Feral Pigeon fledgling. As full documentation of the factors leading to such behaviour is lacking, I propose the hypothesis that this was the result of misdirected parental behaviour or misdirected sexual behaviour. [English].
Key words: Jackdaw, Corrvus monedula, Feral Pigeon, Columba livia, behaviour, adoption.
Address: Department of Zoology and Animal Physiology, Pomeranian Pedagogical University, Arciszewskiego 22b, 76-200 Slupsk, Poland; e-mail: lubiszewo@poczta.onet.pl.