Behaviour of Hen Harrier on communal roosts in east Poland. - I. Kitowski. - Berkut. 14 (2). 2005. - P. 214-220.
Behaviour of Hen Harriers on three communal roosts in south-east Poland were observed. It is strongly related to the weather conditions. Birds arriving at the area with empty crops frequently hunt there. At days of heavy weather harriers tend to arrive at the roost area and drop on vegetation earlier. The place once selected is rarely changed, after dropping in vegetation the birds tend to stay there roosting. Pre-roosting activities are dominated by lonely gliding and soaring flights. Social pre-roost such as sitting on the ground was not observed. Brown birds (adult females and “ringtails” birds) are more frequently involved in hunting in the roost area. Birds arriving at the roost area frequently perform “talon presenting behaviour” most likely against terrestrial mammals. [English].
Key words: Hen Harrier, Circus cyaneus, Poland, behaviour, roost.
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