To ecology of Greater and Lesser Spotted Eagles in the North of Ukraine. - S.V. Domashevsky. - Berkut. 14 (2). 2005. - P. 180-188.
Data were collected in Kyiv and Zhytomir regions in 1988–1989 and 1992–2005. Both eagles are breeding and migratory species in Ukraine. The number of Greater Spotted Eagle decreased. There are no reliable evidences of breeding of this species in both investigated regions. The arrival was registered near Kiev on 10.03.2001. The peak of autumn migration was observed in the end of September - beginning of October. Lesser Spotted Eagle is the commonest eagle species in Ukraine. First migrating birds were observed in Kyiv region 19.03–12.04. The peak of migration fell on the end of the first decade of April. In breeding territory the first birds were observed on 7.04.2001. Display flights were observed from the beginning of the second decade of April till the beginning of May. 17 nests were discovered, located on 6 species of trees. The average height of the nest location was 14,0 m. The average clutch size was 1,8. Female laid the first eggs in the end of April – beginning of May. Hatching was observed on 5.06.2000 and 11.06.2000. Fledglings left nests in the first decade of August. The autumn migration starts in the third decade of August. The peak of migration fell on the middle of September. Breeding population of Lesser Spotted Eagle in Kyiv region is estimated in 100–120 pairs, in Zhytomir region – up to 100–120. [Russian].
Key words: Greater Spotted Eagle, Aquila clanga, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Aquila pomarina, Northern Ukraine, breeding, migration, phenology.
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