Breeding ornithofauna of Kamenka town (Dniester Region). - A.A. Tischenkov. - Berkut. 14 (2). 2005. - P. 163-172.
Research was carried out in May 2003 in resident area, park and graveyard. During this period 35 species of nesting birds were registered in park, 33 species – in resident area and 16 species – in graveyard. 46 species of birds were registered a total in the Kamenka town. Total density makes up about 1060 pairs/km2 (park), 1460,8 pairs/km2 (resident area) and 842,9 pairs/km2 (graveyard). House Sparrow is the dominant in housing estates, Rook and Common Starling dominate in the park, Tree Sparrow and House Sparrow dominate in the graveyard. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, Dniester Region, Kamenka, bird community, domination, synanthropization.
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