Houbara Population Estimates in Punjab, Pakistan (November 2000). - M.S. Nadeem, M.A. Maan, T. Mahmood, R.M. Ikram. - Berkut. 14 (1). 2005. - P. 71-75.
In Punjab the total wintering habitat of Houbara Bustard is 32,300 km2. Surveys for Houbara population in Punjab were conducted in November 2000. Population was estimated about 4,729 birds with overall density of 0.150 ± 0.007 ind./km2. In Rajanpur 426, in Thal 662 and in Cholistan 3,644 Houbara were estimated. Sand dunes and vegetation cover were identified as important factor to make precise and accurate estimates, assuming random distribution of sand dunes (P = 1.0), the visibility of each transect under study was variable. With increase in sand dunes and vegetation cover the probability of sighting Houbara was decreased. [English].
Key words: Houbara Bustard, Chlamydotis undulata, Pakistan, wintering, number, conservation.
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