Great White Egret in Belarus: distribution and ecology. - A.V. Abramchuk, S.V. Abramchuk. - Berkut. 14 (1). 2005. - P. 50-55.
Present situation of the species is described on the basis of own research and literature data. The first breeding colony with 8 nests was found on the Pripyat near the border of Ukraine in 1994. Two colonies were discovered in 1997. Total number of the species in Belarus in 2000 was estimated in 10–30 pairs. Authors have found 5 new colonies in 2002–2003. At present 8 colonies with 110–140 breeding pairs in Souther Belarus are known (Fig.). At least 4 breeding places can be not discovered yet. Total number of the Great White Egret in Belarus can be estimated in 200–300 breeding pairs. Further number increasing of the species is expected. Majority of colonies are mixed with the Grey Heron. All the colonies are located in reedbeds. Birds built their nests of reed. Phenology of migrations and breeding is described. [Russian].
Key words: Belarus, Great White Egret, Egretta alba, distribution, number, ecology, breeding, migration.
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