Breeding ornithofauna of microurbaterritories in the Dniester Region. - A.A. Tischenkov. - Berkut. 14 (1). 2005. - P. 38-44.
Research was carried out on the 11 microurbaterritories in May 2004. During this period 79 pairs of 21 species were registered. House Sparrow and Barn Swallow are the dominant in the microurbaterritories. Ma-jority of birds belonged to the European and Transpalearctic types of the fauna, to the nemoral and desert-moun-tainous landscape-genetic faunistic complexes, to the dendrophilous and sklerophilous ecological groups, to the entomophage trophic group. [Russian].
Key words: fauna, Dniester Region, urbanization, bird community, number, similarity.
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