New breeding site of the Relict Gull in Kazakhstan. - G.V. Boyko. - Berkut. 14 (1). 2005. - P. 23.
A colony with 20Ц30 nests was found in Pavlodar region near the village of Akku on an island among the small saline lake Aksor (51.27 N, 77.51 E) on 18.05.2005. Birds nested jointly with other gulls, terns and waders. Measurements of 9 eggs from 3 clutches: 56,3Ц64,0 x 41,8Ц44,1 mm, on average 59,5 x 43,0 mm. This colony is situated in 600 km to the northwest from the nearest known breeding site on the Alakol lake. It is the northernmost from found colonies. [Russian].