Winter avifauna of Lublin – species composition, distribution and numbers. - W. Biadun. - Berkut. 14 (1). 2005. - P. 1-23.
The study concerned the whole administrative area of Lublin (SE Poland), but intensive observations were performed only in the municipal zone. The research was performed in the years 1975–2003. Quantitative study covered 49 areas (total 690.7 ha) representing characteristic environments of Lublin. Among them, there were 6 housing estates, 11 parks and cemeteries, 4 allotment gardens, 14 squares, 13 open areas and wastelands, and one census plot representing industrial built-up areas. During the season, 8–9 census visits at 10–15-day intervals were performed commencing with the first snowfalls until the end of February. They were always performed in the morning, usually at the same time and in the same order in each of the census plots. 88 species were found to occur in Lublin in the winter period. 75 among them were observed in the city zone. Rook, Great Tit and Magpie were registered in all areas investigated quantitatively. At the same time, Rook and Great Tit (in parks and cemeteries), Great Tit and Tree Sparrow (in garden allotment), House Sparrow (in housing estates) as well as Jackdaw, Fieldfare, and Tree Sparrow (in open areas) were decisive for the numbers of the communities. In most plots, Rook was definitely the most numerous. The image of winter avifauna of Lublin was largely shaped by species coming from the North: Rook, Jackdaw, Crow, Fieldfare and Bullfinch. [English].
Key words: Lublin, fauna, wintering birds, birds of cities, synurbization.
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