Characteristics of migration of cranes, shorebirds and gulls in Saratov region in terms of analysis of ringing data and visual observations. - N.N. Yakushev, E.V. Zavyalov, V.G. Tabachishin, G.V. Shlyakhtin. - Berkut. 13 (2). 2004. – P. 268-282.
According to the data analysis of field observations held within the north of Lower Povolzhye from April 1992 to March 2004, as well as materials of the Research-Information Center of Bird Ringing of the Severtsov Institute of Problems of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) 44 recoveries of 13 species were fixed, and the distinctions of migration of Cranes, Shorebirds and Gulls of Sa-ratov region were studied. [Russian].
Key words: Cranes, Shorebirds, Gulls, Saratov region, migration, ringing, recovery.
Address: N.N. Yakushev, Saratov university, Astrakhanskaya str. 83, 410012 Saratov, Russia.