Some patterns of variation of times of the autumn migration in birds. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 13 (2). 2004. - P. 262-267.
Variation of times of migration (standard deviation) was studied for 51 species of birds in Ukraine. Last observation, start of passage and arrival of wintering birds were analysed. Dependence of variation on time of the autumn migration season has linear character (Figure). Relation is described by equations of linear regression: y = 0,10x + 7,51 (last observation), y = 0,14x + 7,83 (start of passage), y = 0,14x + 6,96 (arrival of wintering birds), y = 0,13x + 8,45 (joined variables for start of migration). Distance of migration influences on the level of variation (ANOVA, F = 17,21, p < 0,001). [Russian].
Key words: migration, phenology, autumn, variation.
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