Bird assemblage of Vrbje pond during six years. - M. Vogrin. - Berkut. 13 (1). 2004. - P. 26-30.
Studies were carried out on the Vrbje pond between 1993 and 1998 in Lower Savinja valley, Central Slovenia. Numbers of breeding species (only Non-Passeriformes were taken into account) were estimated only on the base of found nests or on the base of observed females with fledglings. 10 breeding species were noted on the pond as a whole. Densities of waterbirds assemblages varied between 14.1 and 31.9 pairs/10 ha. The greatest density was reached by Little Grebe (up to 10.4 pairs/10 ha). The bulk of breeding assemblage is comprised of two species, i. e. Little Grebe and Coot. The number of breeding Little Grebe increased (rS = 0.49) and number of Coot decreased (rS = –0.37) during the study, whereas the differences was not significant (in both cases: n = 6, P > 0.05). [English].
Key words: Savinja river, fauna, waterbirds, number, population density.
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