About rare breeding passerines in Cherkasy region. - M.N. Gavrilyuk. - Berkut. 13 (1). 2004. - P. 18-22.
Data were collected in Cherkasy region (Central Ukraine) in 1989–2003. The appearance of 9 breeding species in region during XX cent. were analyzed. For the first time breeding of Coal Tit and Serin were confirmed. Breeding of Redwing, Mistle Thrush, Siskin were probable. New data about breeding of Creasted Tit are present. The number and range of Coal Tit and Siskin are increasing from the middle of 1990s. The number of Corn Bunting is probably increasing. [Russian].
Key words: passerines, Cherkasy region, fauna, breeding, rare species.
Adress: M.N. Gavrilyuk, Dep. of Biology, Cherkasy university, Shevchenko str., 81, 18000, Cherkasy, Ukraine.