The new data on wintering of Dalmatian Pelican in Krasnodar region. - M.A. Dinkevich, P.A. Tilba, R.A. Mnatsekanov, Yu.V. Lokhman, T.V. Korotkiy. - Berkut. 12 (1-2). 2003. - P. 158-159.
Dalmatian Pelican in Krasnodar region (Russia) was very rare untill the middle of 1990-s. Wintering of this species in Krasnodar region in 2002/2003 is described. The main part of materials have been collected during the middle-wintering registration led within the framework of International Waterfowl Censuring in January 2003. The whole Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region have been inspected from village Veseloye (Sochi district) to Chushka spit (Temryuk district). The population of Dalmatian Pelican in the region is increasing. During winter (2002/2003) 3 winter-quarters of the species have been found: between Sochi and Psou rivers, Novorossiysk city (Sudzhuk lagoon) and Kiziltash salt lakes (Anapa district). Total number of wintering pelicans is estimated in 50–60 birds. [Russian].
Key words: Dalmatian Pelican, Pelecanus crispus, Krasnodar region, wintering, number.
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