Timing of autumn departure of Swallows and Martins in Ukraine. - V.N. Grishchenko. - Berkut. 12 (1-2). 2003. - P. 122-127.
Literature data, own observations and some unpublished materials for the period since 1975 till 2003 were analysed. Main statistic parameters of last observation of three species (Swallow, Sand and House Martins) for 25 regions of Ukraine were calculated (Tables 1–3), phenological maps of migration were made (Fig. 1–3). The picture of departure is very similar for all three species. [Russian].
Key words: Ukraine, migration, phenology, Swallow, Hirundo rustica, Sand Martin, Riparia riparia, House Martin, Delichon urbica.
Address: V.N. Grishchenko, Kaniv Nature Reserve, 19000 Kaniv, Ukraine; e-mail: vgrishchenko@mail.ru.