Mallards and perches – a new form of connected hunting. - I.R. Merzlikin. - Berkut. 12 (1-2) 2003. - P. 119-121.
New observations about hunting of mallards on bleaks on a pond in Sumy (NE Ukraine) are described. In many cases broods of ducks used collective search for prey in places where perches hunted. Three times were observed a duck escorting a swimming man at a distance 2–3 m. The bird catched flushed bleaks. Many mallards hunted on bleaks infected by Ligula intestinalis. [Russian].
Key words: Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos, behaviour, foraging, perch.
Address: I.R. Merzlikin, Lushpa str. 20/1-45, 40034 Sumy, Ukraine.